The packaging used for a product affects all parties starting with the customer, the packaging company, the retailers, designers, the manufacturer of the product and the packaging material and the raw material providers. Packaging not only provides a protective barrier for the product but also is an important tool that can persuade a customer to purchase a product. Especially customers who are new to a product are more likely to purchase based on the quality and the esthetic aspects of the packaging of the product. Depending on the usage purpose, bright, colorful packaging with easily-readable prints will be a first and important step for the customer to start feeling trust for the product. Faced with many similar-quality and closely-priced products, customers are likely to base their purchasing decisions on the packaging of the product. Customers typically view the product for 2-3 seconds, looking at the label, the physical and visual quality of the packaging, and decide to purchase or not within 3-10 seconds.

All firms strive to take their products to the target markets as soon as possible and increase their sales. In this process, it would be costly to compromise on the quality of their packaging in order to achieve cost reductions. One can firmly argue that high-quality packaging has a direct impact on the success of a company.